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Sol Soils Cactus Gritty Mix – 2QT

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Revolutionize your cactus gardening experience with Sol Soils Cactus Gritty Mix – the eco-friendly solution that combines sustainability with superior performance. This innovative mix introduces coconut chips and coir, repurposing otherwise discarded byproducts of the coconut industry. With excellent aeration and moisture retention properties, courtesy of ground coconut husks, this mix offers the ideal balance between drainage and hydration, essential for the health of cacti and other hardy, dry-weather plants. Perfect for a diverse range of species including Agave, Golden or Blue Barrel Cacti, Cereus, Echinopsis, and Prickly Pear Opuntia, Sol Soils Cactus Gritty Mix provides the optimal growing environment. Say goodbye to traditional gritty cactus soils and welcome the sustainable future of cultivation with Sol Soils Cactus Gritty Mix.

Soil Composition
Organic: coconut husks, pine bark
Inorganic: pumice, calcined clay, granite, expanded clay