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Semi-Dwarf Granny Smith Apple Tree – #7 Container

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Chelmsford | 14
Tewksbury | 5
Winchester | 10
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Indulge in the late-season delights of the Semi-Dwarf Granny Smith Apple Tree. This beloved tree consistently delivers bountiful harvests of tart and tasty green apples, making it a favorite for those who savor bold flavors.

Ideal for fresh eating, pies, and culinary creations, these apples are not only delicious but also excellent keepers, ensuring you can enjoy them well into the season. As a mid-to-late season bloomer, this tree graces your garden with beauty and abundance.

For optimal fruit production, a pollinator is required. This semi-dwarf tree adapts to various garden sizes and thrives in Zone 6, reveling in full sun exposure. Its attractive oval/rounded shape adds visual appeal to your garden.

Experience the crisp, tangy goodness of Granny Smith apples in your own backyard with the Semi-Dwarf Granny Smith Apple Tree.

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Plant Specifications
Plant Type: Deciduous Tree
Zone: 2 – 6
Exposure: Full Sun
Shape: Oval/Rounded
Pollination: Pollinator Required

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