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Dwarf Redhaven Peach Tree – #7 Container


Brighton | 7
Chelmsford | 9
Concord | 5
Falmouth | 5
Osterville | 5
Tewksbury | 2
Winchester | 12
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Discover the Dwarf Redhaven Peach Tree, your gateway to early-season peach perfection. With its vibrant yellow flesh and heavy crop yields, this peach tree sets the standard for hardiness and flavor. Whether you prefer fresh eating, pies, cooking, or freezing, its versatility shines.

As a self-pollinating dwarf tree, it's a fantastic addition to Zone 6 gardens, thriving in full sun and showcasing an appealing oval/rounded shape. Don't miss out on the semi-freestone delights of the Dwarf Redhaven Peach Tree, a must-have among deciduous trees.

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Plant Specifications
Plant Type: Deciduous Tree
Zone: 2 – 6
Exposure: Full Sun
Shape: Oval/Rounded
Pollination: Self-Pollinator

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