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Semi-Dwarf Braeburn Apple Tree – #7 Container

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Meet the Semi-Dwarf Braeburn Apple Tree, a delightful New Zealand introduction that brings late-season sweetness to your orchard. These apples are a harmonious blend of sweet and tart flavors, making them perfect for fresh eating and extended winter storage.

As early bloomers, they bring beauty to your garden in the spring. Keep in mind that a pollinator is required to ensure a fruitful harvest.

With its semi-dwarf size and adaptability to Zone 6 (Zones 2 to 6), this deciduous apple tree thrives in full sun, forming an attractive oval/rounded shape.

Enhance your garden with the Semi-Dwarf Braeburn Apple Tree, a flavorful and versatile addition that offers delectable apples for both immediate enjoyment and long-term storage.

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Plant Specifications
Plant Type: Deciduous Tree
Zone: 2 – 6
Exposure: Full Sun
Shape: Oval/Rounded
Pollination: Pollinator Required

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