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Rosemary – Barbecue – 4″ Pot

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Brighton | 59
Chelmsford | 49
Concord | 6
Falmouth | 44
Osterville | 6
Tewksbury | 8
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Elevate your culinary creations with Uncle Mike's Barbecue Rosemary, cultivated locally in our Woburn Greenhouses. This versatile herb infuses dishes with delightful flavor, making it an essential addition to any kitchen. Whether used to season dishes or employed as skewers for grilling, the aromatic stems release a pleasant fragrance and flavor, enhancing the cooking experience. With its attractive appearance characterized by large, upright growth, silvery-green foliage, and bluish-lavender flowers, this herb is not only functional but also adds aesthetic appeal to gardens or containers. Please note that while resilient, rosemary rarely overwinters in our area.

How to Grow:
Light: Full Sun
Water: Requires well-drained soil; water when dry.