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Experience the unparalleled beauty and exceptional performance of Knock Out® Rose, one of the most beloved roses worldwide renowned for its unmatched combination of low maintenance, superior disease resistance, and prolonged bloom period. With its abundant cherry red flowers that seem to bloom endlessly, this remarkable rose is a must-have for any garden seeking effortless beauty and vibrant color.

From late spring to early fall, Knock Out® Rose bursts into a breathtaking display of stunning lightly-scented cherry red flowers. Emerging from distinctive ruby-red flower buds, these exquisite blooms are not only visually captivating but also perfect for cutting.

Complementing the profusion of flowers is attractive dark green deciduous foliage, which emerges burgundy in spring, adding a delightful contrast to the vibrant blooms. As the seasons transition, the glossy leaves turn an outstanding burgundy, further enhancing the visual appeal of this exceptional shrub.

Knock Out® Rose thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, making it an ideal choice for gardens seeking effortless beauty without the need for extensive maintenance. With its upright, spreading growth habit, this deciduous shrub reaches a mature height and width of 3 feet, creating a striking focal point in any landscape.

This shrub requires regular watering to maintain soil moisture and ensure optimal growth, while occasional maintenance and upkeep, including pruning in late winter, help promote its health and longevity. Hardy in zones 4 to 8, Knock Out® Rose is the epitome of beauty, resilience, and ease, making it a timeless addition to any garden.

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Each plant comes in a #3 (3 gallon) container.


Plant Specs:

Botanical Name: Rosa 'Radrazz'
Light: full sun
Watering: regular watering
Soil: moist, well draining soil
Zone: 4 – 8

Plant Shape: upright, spreading
Plant Type: deciduous shrub
Mature Size: height (3') , width (3')
Blooming Season: spring – fall

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