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Resin Whiskey Barrel 15.5″ – Birch

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Introducing the Resin Whiskey Barrel in Birchwood, a charming addition to your indoor or outdoor living space. With its down-home, country-style feel, this whiskey barrel adds a rustic touch to any setting.

Crafted from heavy-duty resin, which offers the look of traditional wood without the weight, making it easy to move and position. The resin construction of this planter ensures durability and longevity, withstanding outdoor seasonal elements and everyday use. The container is equipped with UV protectors that increase resistance to cracking and fading, ensuring that it maintains its vibrant appearance over time.

Suitable for medium to large-sized plants, this whiskey barrel is perfect for showcasing colorful flower arrangements or growing vegetables. With a size of 15.5 inches in diameter, this whiskey barrel provides ample space for planting and decorating your space with lush foliage and vibrant blooms.

Enhance the charm of your outdoor or indoor decor with the Resin Whiskey Barrel in Birchwood. Experience the perfect combination of elegance and durability with this stylish planter.

Product Specs
Size: 15.5″
Color: Birchwood
Material: Heavy-Duty Resin