Rapiclip Soft Wire Ties, Light Duty 16ft – Tan

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Introducing Rapiclip Soft Wire Ties, Light Duty in Tan, your versatile solution for securing and supporting your garden plants and various other objects. This 16-foot long twist tie features a soft, pliable design that allows for easy adjustment to accommodate the growth of your plants over time.

Crafted with 0.8 mm galvanized wire cushioned by 5 mm rubber, these wire ties offer both flexibility and durability, ensuring reliable support for your garden plants and other large objects. Whether you're securing garden hoses, fence posts, or providing support to growing plants, these light-duty wire ties are up to the task.

The tan color of the wire ties provides a subtle and natural look that blends seamlessly into your garden environment. With their versatile functionality, you can use them for a wide range of applications in your garden and outdoor space.

Product Specs:
– Type: Soft Wire Ties, Light Duty
– Size: 16 feet in length
– Material: 0.8 mm galvanized wire cushioned by 5 mm rubber
– Color: Tan
– Soft and pliable design allows for easy adjustment
– Versatile use for securing garden plants, garden hoses, fence posts, and other large objects.