Jute 3-Ply – Green

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Introducing our versatile Jute 3-Ply in Green, a must-have tool for all your gardening needs. With a generous 219 feet per spool, this heavy-duty jute twine offers durability and strength, making it perfect for supporting vines and climbing plants in your garden. Its vibrant green color seamlessly blends with foliage, adding a touch of natural charm to your outdoor space. Beyond gardening, this versatile twine is ideal for flower arranging and various home and garden tasks. Whether you're securing plants or embarking on creative projects, our Jute 3-Ply in Green is your go-to solution for all-around use.

Product Specs:
– Material: Jute
– Ply: 3
– Color: Green
– Length: 219 feet per spool
– Ideal for vines, climbing plants, flower arranging, and general home and garden use