Rapiclip Plant Twist Tie 100ft – Green


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Introducing Luster Leaf's Rapiclip Plant Twist Tie in Green, your ultimate solution for securely fastening and supporting your garden plants. This 100-foot long twist tie offers ample length for a variety of gardening applications, ensuring you have plenty of material to work with.

Crafted with durable plastic-coated wire, this twist tie provides reliable support while protecting your plants from abrasion. Additionally, the built-in cutter allows for easy and convenient trimming, ensuring hassle-free use.

The vibrant green color of the twist tie seamlessly blends into your garden environment, offering discreet support while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. Whether you're securing climbing vines, training branches, or organizing your garden, Rapiclip Plant Twist Tie is the perfect accessory for the job.

Product Specs:
– Brand: Luster Leaf Rapiclip
– Size: 30 meters (100 ft.)
– Material: Plastic-coated wire
– Color: Green
– Built-in cutter for convenient trimming
– Ideal for securely fastening and supporting garden plants
– Suitable for a variety of gardening applications.