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Give your plants complete root zone hydration with the Drip-A-Long™ ¼ in. Dripline Kit. Comes with a 50 ft. coil of ¼ in. dripline tubing, preassembled with fittings. The non-pressure compensating emitters inside the dripline are spaced 12 in. apart and emit water along the entire line. The kit also includes tees, elbows, and couplings. Connects to an outside faucet or hose bibb with included ¾ in. FHT X ¼ in. adapter; using a pressure regulator is recommended (sold separately). Dripline tubing and emitters made of polyethylene; fittings made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS); all treated with UV inhibitors.

  • Slowly waters the soil around your plants for complete root zone hydration; the dripline emits water along the entire line; Ideal for short runs on flat surfaces, such as vegetable gardens, flower beds, planter boxes, and plant rows
  • Connect ¾ in FHT X ¼ in Adapter attached to dripline to water source (adding a pressure regulator is recommended); dripline can be cut to size and sections connect together with the included ¼ in barbed fittings
  • Connects with included ¾ in. FHT X ¼ in. Adapter; add a pressure regulator (not included); layout dripline next to plants to be watered
  • Poly tubing is constructed using a layering method for durability: the outer layer, which is exposed to the sun, and the inner layer, which is exposed to water, is made of 100% virgin content; the middle layer is composed of recycled content
  • 50 ft of ¼ in Dripline preassembled with ½ GPH drippers; 5 barbed tees, 5 barbed elbows, 5 barbed couplings and 5 end plugs
  • Flow rate may vary along the length of dripline; with a non-pressure compensating emitter, expect varying water flow based on length of tubing or elevation, with higher flow closer to the water source
  • Raindrip stands by their product and gives a 1-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your product breaks, Raindrip will send you a new one for free, just pay shipping and handling
  • ½ GPH non pressure-compensating emitters are spaced 12 in. apart; turbulent flow design flushes out sediments which can potentially clog emitters
  • Flexible tubing bends to accommodate curved irrigation areas as well as handle straight runs; tubing can be cut to desired length