Premium Rabbit Guard 28″x50′ – Green PVC

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Introducing our Premium Rabbit Guard 28″x50' in Green PVC, your ultimate solution for protecting your garden from pesky rabbits and other varmints. Crafted with durable 16 gauge wire fencing, this premium guard features a galvanized zinc coating, ensuring resistance against rusting and corrosion, even in harsh outdoor conditions.

Designed with welded mesh openings that become smaller at the bottom, this fencing makes it difficult for rabbits and other small animals to squeeze through, effectively preventing them from accessing your garden. The green PVC coating not only enhances durability but also adds an attractive finish that blends seamlessly into your garden environment.

Measuring 28 inches in height and 50 feet in width, this guard offers ample coverage for your garden perimeter, providing reliable protection against unwanted intruders. Keep your plants safe and thriving with our Premium Rabbit Guard in Green PVC.

Product Specs:
– Size: 28″ H x 50' W
– Material: 16 gauge wire fencing with galvanized zinc coating
– Mesh openings designed to deter rabbits and varmints
– Color: Green PVC
– Durable and weather-resistant construction
– Ideal for protecting gardens from small animals such as rabbits
– Provides ample coverage for garden perimeters.