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NK Lawn & Garden Seed Starter Peat Pellet – 18 PK

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Embark on a journey of successful seed starting with NK Lawn & Garden Seed Starter Peat Pellet – 18 PK. Perfect for use in seed starting trays or pots, these round peat pellets redefine simplicity and efficiency in gardening. Say goodbye to traditional soil and embrace the ease of these organic, all-natural fiber recycled material pellets that expand with water.

Key Features:

– Convenient Size: Each pellet measures a perfect 1-3/4″, providing an ideal size for various seed starting trays or pots. Ensure a seamless gardening experience with the right-sized pellets for your needs.

– Abundant Supply: With a generous 18 pellets per pack, you have everything you need to kickstart your gardening journey. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a novice, this pack ensures you have an ample supply for multiple planting sessions.

– Organic and Natural: Crafted from organic, all-natural fiber recycled material, these peat pellets align with environmentally conscious gardening practices. Nurture your plants with a product that cares for both your garden and the planet.

– Neat and Easy: Experience the simplicity of these peat pellets. Use them instead of soil for seed starting, and witness how they neatly expand with water. Say goodbye to the mess and hassle of traditional soil.

Revolutionize your seed starting process with NK Lawn & Garden Seed Starter Peat Pellet – 18 PK. Order now and discover the joy of easy, efficient, and organic gardening. Elevate your planting experience and watch your seeds transform into vibrant, thriving plants!