Neptune’s Harvest Fish Hydrolysate 2-4-1 Fertilizer – QT

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Elevate your organic gardening experience with Neptune’s Harvest Fish Hydrolysate, a superior fertilizer meticulously crafted to preserve the integrity of heat-sensitive nutrients naturally present in fish. Through a unique cold process, our formula ensures optimal nutrient retention, providing your plants with unparalleled nourishment.

Crafted from a diverse selection of freshly caught North Atlantic fish, Neptune’s Harvest Fish Hydrolysate sets itself apart from traditional fish emulsions by retaining essential proteins and oils, all without the unpleasant odor.

OMRI listed for organic use, Neptune’s Harvest Fish Fertilizer is your trusted choice for enriching a variety of plants, including vegetables, flowers, fruits, trees, grass, and container plants.

Before each use, ensure thorough shaking of the fertilizer. Prepare a single application, avoiding storage of diluted fertilizer.

For House Plants: Dilute 1 tablespoon per gallon of water and administer weekly. Avoid overwatering to prevent excess fertilizer accumulation.

For Outdoor Plants: Mix 1/8 cup (1 fl. oz. – 1:128) per gallon of water and apply to vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs every 1-2 weeks until soil saturation. Alternatively, utilize as a foliar feed, ensuring complete leaf coverage. Optimal foliar feeding times are early or late in the day.