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Garden Feeder with extended handle for easy grip. Trigger with lock allows for 1-handed control. 3 spray patterns: shower, jet, and stream. Includes 1 lb. of Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food (24-8-16) and makes 50 gallons.

Step 1: Fill the jar with one of the Miracle-Gro water soluble plant foods, following label instructions on dosage levels.
Step 2: Attach the feeder to the hose and turn on the water.
Step 3: Squeeze trigger, once jar has filled with water it will start feeding. In 12 minutes it will have covered 500 square feet of garden with 50 gallons of solution.

Thirsty bushes or tomato plants take about 15 seconds to water; smaller plants take even less time. When finished, clean by turning the feeder upside down and loosening the jar approximately one turn while water continues to flow through the jar. Continue to spray in this position until the jar is empty.

REMINDER: if you choose to stop feeding before all of the plant food in the Garden Feeder has depleted, the solution can be stored in liquid format and be used during the next feeding.

Makes 50 gal.