Mini Magnum Sunflower Seed Feeder – 16 OZ

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Introducing the Mini Magnum Sunflower Seed Feeder – 16 OZ, a vibrant all-steel feeder designed to bring a touch of nature to your backyard. This green beauty is crafted for durability and functionality, holding 1 pint of enticing black oil sunflower seeds.

With a compact size of 4.75″ Dia. x 11.75″ H, this feeder is perfect for smaller spaces and a variety of bird species. The vibrant green color adds a splash of charm to your bird-watching setup, creating a visually appealing oasis.

Easy to fill and maintain, the Mini Magnum Sunflower Seed Feeder promises a convenient and enjoyable bird-watching experience. Invite feathered friends to your garden with this stylish and efficient addition to your outdoor space.

Product Specs:
Seed Capacity: 16 oz.
Size: 4.75″ Dia. x 11.75″ H