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Mars Grape – #2 Container

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Introducing the Mars Grape Tree, a remarkable addition to your garden that promises a bounty of seedless, medium-to-large grapes with a sweet, juicy flavor. These grapes mature to a deep blue hue, reminiscent of the classic Concord variety, offering a delicious taste that's sure to delight.

What sets the Mars Grape Tree apart is its exceptional cold hardiness, making it one of the most robust choices among seedless grapes. With a convenient slip-skin feature and self-fruitful nature, this deciduous tree is a reliable producer.

Thriving in Zone 6 and thriving under full sun, the Mars Grape Tree takes on an elegant oval/rounded shape. Elevate your garden with this delightful grape variety, perfect for fresh eating and winemaking alike.

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Plant Specifications
Plant Type: Deciduous Tree
Zone: 2 – 6
Exposure: Full Sun
Shape: Oval/Rounded
Pollination: Self-Pollinator

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