Lilac – Scentara Double Blue – #3 Container


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Introducing the captivating Lilac Double Blue, where cool purple blooms take on a mesmerizing blue tone in the spring sunlight. Each bloom boasts an abundance of petals, creating a delicate seashell-like effect that adds a touch of elegance to any landscape. As a very heavy bloomer, this lilac variety not only offers stunning visual appeal but also exhibits excellent disease resistance, ensuring lasting beauty in your garden.

Growing and caring for Lilac Double Blue is a breeze, as lilacs are known for their ease of cultivation. However, meeting a few basic needs is essential for success. Provide full sun exposure, with a minimum of 6 hours per day and preferably 8 or more, to ensure optimal blooming. Additionally, well-drained soil is crucial, especially in winter, as lilacs dislike wet or soggy conditions. While they are adaptable to various soil types, they thrive best in alkaline soils. For those who choose to prune, it's best done immediately after blooming to maintain shape and encourage healthy growth.

With its enchanting blue-purple flowers and springtime flowering season, Lilac Double Blue is a deer-resistant delight that brings beauty and charm to your outdoor space. Hardy in Zones 2-8 and reaching heights and spreads of 72-96 inches, it's a stunning addition to any garden or landscape.

Transform your outdoor oasis into a fragrant paradise with the allure of Lilac Double Blue. Order now and experience the timeless beauty this exceptional shrub brings to your garden.

Each plant comes in a #3 (3 gallon) growers pot.

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Plant Specs:

Botanical Name: Syringa X Hyacinthiflora Scentara
Light: full sun
Watering: keep soil evenly moist, no standing water
Soil: no preference
Zone: 3 – 8

Plant Shape: oval
Plant Type: deciduous shrub
Mature Size: height (8'), width (8')
Blooming Season: spring
Pollinator: self-pollinator

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