Lilac – Common Purple – 4-5ft B&B

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Introducing our Lilac Common Purple, a robust deciduous shrub that commands attention with its vigorous, upright growth habit and lush dark bluish-green foliage. Bursting with 6-12″ long, intensely fragrant purple flower spikes in early May, this lilac variety stands out as one of the most aromatic additions to any landscape. Its versatility shines, making it an ideal choice for grouping in larger shrub border areas, where it adds both beauty and fragrance with ease.

Adaptable and resilient, Lilac Common Purple is a low-maintenance plant that thrives in Zones 3-8. Its lavender-purple flowers bloom from early summer, attracting and supporting bees while providing a delightful sensory experience. Plus, the fragrant blooms make exquisite cut flowers, bringing their intoxicating scent indoors.

To keep this lilac in optimal condition, simply prune immediately after blooming in late spring to control its size, and thin old stems in the winter to maintain vigor and encourage new growth.

Reaching heights of 12-15 feet with a spread of 8-12 feet, our Lilac Common Purple makes a bold statement as a focal point or an elegant backdrop in your garden. Don't miss out on the beauty and fragrance this remarkable shrub offers. Order now and elevate your landscape with the timeless charm of Lilac Common Purple.

Each plant comes balled and burlaped.

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Plant Specs:

Botanical Name: Syringa Vulgaris
Light: full sun
Watering: keep soil evenly moist, no standing water
Soil: no preference
Zone: 3 – 8

Plant Shape: oval
Plant Type: deciduous shrub
Mature Size: height (15'), width (12')
Blooming Season: summer
Pollinator: self-pollinator

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