Korko Big Blocks (40 Pieces)

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Introducing Korko Big Blocks – the ultimate building adventure for your creative little genius! With 40 pieces of pure imagination, these blocks will take your child's construction play to new heights.

Crafted from cork, a super-light material with a fantastic grip, Korko Big Blocks defy the limits of traditional wooden blocks. Watch as your young builder effortlessly assembles structures that are both sturdy and whimsical. The lightweight nature of cork adds an extra layer of excitement, making it easy for little hands to create, dismantle, and recreate endless masterpieces.

Let the fun begin as your child explores the endless possibilities of Korko Big Blocks. From towering castles to funky robots, these blocks encourage imagination and problem-solving skills. The high surface friction of cork ensures that each block stays in place, allowing for more intricate designs without the frustration of constant collapses.

Bring out the architect in your child with Korko Big Blocks – where creativity knows no bounds! Get ready for a world of fun and discovery as your little one builds, plays, and explores with these 40 amazing cork-based building pieces. Unleash the imagination and let the construction adventure begin!

Product Specs:

Big Block Set-40 pieces
AGE: 18 Months+
PACKAGE: 6.0 x 3.5 x 8.4 in.