Kiln Dried Wood


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Experience the pinnacle of firewood quality with our Kiln-Dried Wood – the solution to smoky, inefficient burning. While it may come at a higher cost than ordinary seasoned wood, the unmatched benefits are well worth the investment. Harvested in Massachusetts, our wood undergoes a meticulous drying process in a specialized kiln for a full 3 days, reducing its moisture content by an impressive 75%.

Our Kiln-Dried Wood is a blend of dense hardwoods, packing more stored energy for a superior burning experience. The result? A hotter and cleaner burn that produces significantly less smoke and creosote. Say goodbye to dusty, insect-infested wood – ours arrives pristine, making it safe for indoor storage. Lighting up has never been easier.

Available in various sizes to suit your needs:

Small Cart (6 cubic feet): Available for store pickup only
Large Cart (12 cubic feet): Available for store pickup only
Half Cord (64 cubic feet): Ideal for ample heating
Full Cord (128 cubic feet): The ultimate solution for long-lasting warmth

Choose delivery and enjoy the convenience of driveway delivery! (No product left on the street). Please note that our delivery team uses a dump truck for delivery, and stacking the wood on your property is not included. The team reserves the right to assess site suitability for delivery.

Elevate your firewood experience with Kiln-Dried Wood – the clean, efficient, and hassle-free choice for a cozy and comforting ambiance.