Jasmine – Belle of India – 6″ Pot
Jasmine – Belle of India – 6″ Pot Jasmine – Belle of India – 6″ Pot Jasmine – Belle of India – 6″ Pot

Jasmine – Belle of India – 6″ Pot

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Transform your space into a fragrant oasis with the Belle of India Jasmine, also known as Arabian Jasmine. This exquisite climbing vine is a must-have for indoor gardening enthusiasts, thriving near trellises or moss poles. With its stunning display of small, white star-shaped flowers exuding a heavenly aroma, your home will be filled with delightful fragrance from mid spring to mid fall. Its evergreen leaves stay lush and dark green year-round, providing enduring beauty.

Not just a treat for the senses, this versatile plant can also be pruned to form a charming shrub, offering flexibility in your indoor garden design. If left to climb it will reach up to 10 feet in height and spread 3 feet wide, adding vertical interest without taking up too much space. Thriving in bright, indirect sun light, Belle of India Jasmine is perfect for well-lit indoor spaces.

While it can be planted outdoors, be mindful of the climate because it will behave as an annual, needing replacement the following year.

Elevate your garden with the enchanting beauty and captivating fragrance of Belle of India Jasmine. Embrace its climbing nature or shape it into a charming shrub – the choice is yours. Order yours today and let the magic of Arabian Jasmine transform your living space.

Plant comes in a 6″ growers pot. Item shown is an example of what you will receive, all plants are individuals and we strive to pick out the best for you.

Plant Specs:

Light: Bright, Indirect light
Mature Size: 10 ft H x 3 ft W
Water Requirements: Keep soil evenly moist
Soil: all purpose

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