Garden Zone Vinyl-Coated Hex Netting 36″x25′ – Green

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Introducing Garden Zone Vinyl-Coated Hex Netting 36″x25' in Green, your ultimate solution for versatile and durable fencing needs. Crafted with 20 gauge vinyl-coated poultry netting, this product features a 1-inch hexagonal mesh weave, ensuring optimal strength and flexibility for a wide range of applications. The vinyl coating not only aids in rust prevention and corrosion but also provides additional protection to plants, making it ideal for garden fencing.

This netting is extremely versatile and can be used for various applications, including animal containment, temporary fences, erosion control, and garden fencing. Whether you're protecting your garden from pests, creating temporary barriers, or controlling erosion, this vinyl-coated hex netting is up to the task. Measuring 36 inches in height and 25 feet in width, it offers ample coverage for your projects. Its vibrant green color seamlessly blends into your garden surroundings, enhancing the aesthetics while providing practical functionality.

Product Specs:
– Size: 36″ H x 25' W
– Material: Vinyl-coated poultry netting
– Gauge: 20
– Mesh weave: 1-inch hexagonal
– Color: Green
– Versatile and durable for various applications
– Rust and corrosion-resistant
– Ideal for animal containment, temporary fences, erosion control, and garden fencing.