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Ella Low Square Planter 10″ – Artstone Black

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Introducing the Ella Low Square Planter in Artstone Black, the perfect choice for herb and succulent enthusiasts alike. Whether used indoors or outdoors, this low dish planter adds a touch of elegance to any space and serves as an ideal base for creating your own fairy garden.

Crafted from recycled resin and stone, the Ella Low Square Planter is not only eco-friendly but also durable and long-lasting.

The innovative water-minder reservoir refeeds plants as needed, ensuring optimal hydration and eliminating the hassle of constant watering. UV protected and frost resistant, this planter can withstand the elements and maintain its beauty season after season.

Whether placed on a windowsill, tabletop, or outdoor patio, the Ella Low Square Planter in Artstone Black adds style and versatility to any setting.

Experience the joy of gardening with the Ella Low Square Planter and bring your herb and succulent dreams to life. Create a charming oasis of greenery and enchantment with this stylish and practical planter.

Product Specs
Size: 9¾” L x 8¼” W x 4½” H
Color: Artstone Black