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Dwarf Arctic Glo Nectarine Tree – #7 Container

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Elevate your garden with the Dwarf Arctic Glo Nectarine Tree, a sweet delight for your orchard. This nectarine variety features juicy and sweet white flesh, offering a refreshing treat straight from the tree.

The fruit of the Arctic Glo Nectarine is a visual masterpiece, displaying a brilliant crimson-red skin with a creamy white under color. It's perfect for fresh eating, delivering a burst of flavor with every bite.

As a self-pollinating dwarf tree, it's a convenient addition to your garden. Hardy in Zone 5 and suitable for Zones 2 to 6, this deciduous tree thrives in full sun, forming an attractive oval/rounded shape.

Elevate your garden with the Dwarf Arctic Glo Nectarine Tree, and enjoy the sweet rewards of homegrown nectarines.

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Plant Specifications
Plant Type: Deciduous Tree
Zone: 2 – 6
Exposure: Full Sun
Shape: Oval/Rounded
Mature Size: 5-8 ft tall x 8 ft wide
Pollination: Self-Pollinator

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