Dramm Watering Can – Berry – 7 Liter

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Introducing the Dramm 7 Liter (1.8 gallon) Watering Can in vibrant berry, a perfect blend of functionality and style. Made in the USA from high-grade, injection-molded plastic, this watering can is built to last. It won’t rust, leak, or corrode, ensuring years of reliable use. The extra-long spout is meticulously designed to maintain balance, minimizing water spillage even when the can is full. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this watering can comes with a detachable plastic rose nozzle, providing a gentle shower for your delicate flowers.

Key Features:
– High-Quality Construction: Crafted from thick, high-grade, flexible injection-molded plastic for durability and longevity.
– Extra-Long Spout: Designed to sustain balance and reduce water spillage, ensuring precise watering.
– Detachable Plastic Rose: Includes a plastic rose nozzle for a gentle, even shower, perfect for watering flowers.
– Ergonomic Design: Well-balanced and easy to handle, making watering your plants a breeze.
– Made in the USA: Proudly manufactured in the USA, supporting local craftsmanship and quality.

Enhance your gardening experience with the Dramm Watering Can – Berry – 7 Liter. Combining superior design with exceptional functionality, this watering can is the perfect addition to your gardening essentials. Order yours today and enjoy the convenience and style it brings to your plant care routine!


Product Specifications:

Capacity: 7 liters (1.8 gallons)
Material: High-grade, injection-molded plastic
Color: Berry
Spout: Extra-long for better balance
Nozzle: Detachable plastic rose
Brand: Dramm