Dahlia – Dahlietta Blanca – 4.5″ Pot

Dahlia – Dahlietta Blanca – 4.5″ Pot


Brighton | 2
Chelmsford | 22
Concord | 2
Falmouth | 4
Osterville | 2
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Locally grown with care in our Woburn Greenhouses, welcome to our Dahlia – Dahlietta Blanca haven, where the exquisite Dahlietta varieties bloom abundantly. These compact and vibrant beauties boast a profusion of blooms in an array of stunning colors, adding charm and elegance to any garden or container. With their locally grown pedigree, Dahlietta Blanca Dahlia's thrive in our climate as an annual, offering enduring beauty from summer through fall. Whether adorning borders, beds, or patio planters, their captivating blooms create a delightful focal point, attracting admirers and pollinators alike. Easy to grow and maintain, Dahlia – Dahlietta Blanca are the perfect choice for gardeners seeking long-lasting color and charm in their outdoor spaces.

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Plant Specs:

Light: full sun – part shade
Plant Shape: upright spreading
Spacing: 14″
Height: 10″
Width: 14″

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