ColorStorm Soaker Ring – 5 ft

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The Dramm ColorStorm Soaker Ring – 5 ft is the perfect solution for providing deep, efficient hydration to young trees and shrubs. Designed to direct water precisely to the root ball, this soaker ring uses 90% less water than conventional watering methods. Constructed with 50% thicker walls, it eliminates the “geyser effect” and ensures even water distribution throughout the entire length of the ring. Proudly made in the USA from recycled materials, this durable and eco-friendly watering tool is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Key Features:
– Efficient Watering: Uses 90% less water than traditional methods, directing water to the root ball for thorough hydration.
– Thicker Walls: 50% thicker walls eliminate the “geyser effect,” ensuring even water distribution and reducing water waste.
– Adjustable Hose Clip: New hose clip feature allows you to tailor the ring size to fit your plant's needs.
– Eco-Friendly: Made from recycled materials, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.
– Professional Quality: Trusted by professional growers and horticulturists worldwide for its reliability and performance.
– Made in the USA: Proudly crafted in the USA, supporting local manufacturing and quality standards.
– Lifetime Guarantee: Comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring long-lasting performance and customer satisfaction.

Enhance your plant care routine with the Dramm ColorStorm Soaker Ring – 5 ft. Experience the convenience and efficiency of targeted watering that promotes healthy growth for your young trees and shrubs. Order yours today and see the difference in quality and performance!


Product Specifications:

Length: 5 feet
Coverage: 1'7″ diameter, 5 square feet
Flow Rate: 1/4 gallons per minute (gpm)
Water Pressure Rating: Minimum 10 psi, Maximum 80 psi
Recommended Use: 0:40 per inch of trunk diameter. For trees, use 10 gallons of water per inch of tree trunk diameter per week
Material: High-grade rubber with thicker walls
Color: Classic black design
Brand: Dramm
Usage: Ideal for watering young trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants