Bushel & Berry – Blueberry Jelly Bean – #2 Container
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Bushel & Berry – Blueberry Jelly Bean – #2 Container

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Savor the taste of homemade sweet blueberry jelly with Bushel & Berry's Jelly Bean® Blueberry, a delectable addition to any garden or patio. This compact deciduous shrub produces large, flavorful blueberries in mid-summer, reminiscent of freshly made preserves. Each bite bursts with sweetness, making Jelly Bean® a favorite for snacking, baking, or simply enjoying straight from the bush.

But the appeal doesn't stop at its delicious berries. Jelly Bean® boasts foliage unlike other blueberries, with unique elongated green leaves accented by highlights of red in cooler climates. This distinctive foliage adds visual interest to your landscape, creating a vibrant backdrop for your garden or patio space.

Versatile and compact, Jelly Bean® Blueberry is perfect for creating a mini-hedge along a pathway, adding a pop of color to the landscape, or enhancing decorative patio containers. Thriving in full sun exposure and self-pollinating, this shrub is suitable for zones 4 to 8, ensuring a bountiful harvest with minimal effort.

Each plant comes in a #2 (2 gallon) growers pot. They will ship individually, directly from our grower to your home garden.


Plant Specs:

Plant Type: Deciduous Shrub
Zone: 4 – 8
Exposure: Full Sun
Shape: Oval/Rounded
Mature Size: 1-2 ft tall & wide
Pollination: Self-Pollinator

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