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Burning Love Seed Cylinder – Small

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Introducing the Burning Love Seed Cylinder – Small, where hearts are on fire with a perfect blend of sunflower hearts. Loved by a variety of birds and a touch of HOT pepper* to repel squirrels. This innovative product not only captures the affections of your feathered friends but also ensures a mess-free and enjoyable bird-feeding experience.

Key Features:

Hearts on Fire: The sunflower hearts in this seed cylinder are a favorite among a wide variety of birds.

Squirrel Repellent: Infused with HOT pepper*, this cylinder acts as a natural deterrent for squirrels. Ensures that your feathered friends get to enjoy the feast without any unwanted visitors.

Mess-Free Feeding: With no hulls, you can bid farewell to messy surroundings around your feeder. Enjoy the beauty of birdwatching without the hassle of cleaning up scattered debris.

Versatile Hanging Options: Hang the Burning Love Seed Cylinder with the provided net or conveniently mount it on a Mr. Bird EZFeeder or Cylinder Feeder for a seamless feeding solution.

All-Season Attraction: No waste, no mess, and the cylinder never melts, making it an ideal choice for year-round bird feeding. Say goodbye to the issues of suet, especially in the heat of summer.

Bring the excitement of Burning Love to your bird-feeding routine – a product designed to attract birds quickly, repel squirrels, and provide an unforgettable avian experience.


*Important Note: This product contains a potent irritant – hot pepper. Exercise caution and wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Keep out of reach of children.