Blueberry Highbush – Northland – #2 Container
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Blueberry Highbush – Northland – #2 Container

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Experience the robust flavor and resilience of the Northland Blueberry, the epitome of hardiness and productivity in your garden. This remarkable deciduous shrub boasts a wild blueberry flavor that's perfect for pies and fresh eating, delivering a taste of nature's bounty in every bite. Even after the harshest winters, the Northland remains vigorous and productive, ensuring a plentiful harvest year after year.

For optimal fruit production, it's recommended to plant two varieties of blueberries, allowing for cross-pollination and enhanced yields. With its bushy, rounded habit and pretty bell-shaped flowers in spring, the Northland adds beauty to your landscape while providing a bounty of sweet, dark blue fruit in early summer.

Compact yet vigorous, the Northland Blueberry thrives in full sun exposure and is self-pollinating, making it suitable for zones 2 to 6. With a mature size of 5 feet tall and wide, this hardy shrub is the perfect addition to any garden, offering both beauty and flavor in abundance.

Each plant comes in a #2 (2 gallon) growers pot. They will ship individually, directly from our grower to your home garden.


Plant Specs:

Plant Type: Deciduous Shrub
Zone: 2 – 6
Exposure: Full Sun
Shape: Oval/Rounded
Mature Size: 5 ft tall & wide
Pollination: Self-Pollinator, recommend cross-pollination

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