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Wilt Stop™ Xmas Tree & Wreath – RTU Spray – 16 oz

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Wilt Stop™ Xmas Tree & Wreath – RTU Spray by Bonide, your all-in-one solution for plant protection. This 16 oz ready-to-use spray ensures your plants thrive by shielding them from drying out, windburn, winter kill, and more. Formulated with natural ingredients, Wilt Stop creates a protective coating, reducing moisture loss and enhancing plant resilience. Perfect for year-round use, this convenient spray is suitable for deciduous trees, evergreens, shrubs, roses, vegetables, and more. With just one application per season, Wilt Stop is your go-to plant protector, keeping your greenery vibrant and healthy. Order now and enjoy the benefits of this easy-to-use, effective solution.

  • Protects from drying out, windburn, winter kill and more
  • Protects against drought, transplant shock and salt damage
  • Creates an anti-transpirant plant protector barrier
  • Great for year round use
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Ready-to-use Pint (16oz) Spray Bottle
  • Bonide Brand