Terra Verde Steel Gathering Ring 8″x36″ – Green

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Introducing the Terra Verde Steel Gathering Ring in Green, designed to keep your tall plants looking their best while providing sturdy support and protection. Crafted from durable steel and coated with a protective plastic layer, this gathering ring prevents rust and shields your plants from conductive heat damage, ensuring long-lasting durability and plant health.

With a ring diameter of 8 inches and a height of 36 inches, this gathering ring offers ample support for tall plants, allowing them to maintain an upright and attractive appearance. Whether you're growing towering flowers, shrubs, or vegetables, this ring provides essential support to prevent bending or collapsing under their weight.

The green color of the ring blends harmoniously with your garden's foliage, adding a touch of natural beauty while discreetly supporting your plants. Easy to install and maintain, this gathering ring is an essential tool for any gardener looking to enhance the appearance and health of their tall plants.

Product Specs:
– Size: 8″ Ring, 36″ Tall
– Material: Steel with plastic coating
– Color: Green
– Prevents rust and protects plants against conductive heat damage
– Ideal for flowers, shrubs, and vegetables