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Rose David Austin – Golden Celebration – #3 Container

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Introducing the epitome of English elegance: the Rose David Austin – Golden Celebration, a masterpiece cultivated by the legendary David Austin himself. Revel in the opulence of its rich yellow blooms, each resembling a majestic cup unfurling in the sun. As one of the largest-flowered English Roses, its sheer magnificence captivates with a fragrance reminiscent of fine Tea, gradually unveiling delightful undertones of Sauternes wine and ripe strawberries.

Perfectly suited for both seasoned gardeners and budding enthusiasts alike, this Golden Celebration Rose forms a beautifully rounded shrub, adorned with lush foliage that provides an exquisite backdrop for its resplendent blooms. With long, arching branches delicately holding each flower in poised elegance, it effortlessly graces any mixed border, while beckoning the gentle hum of bees to its fragrant embrace. Whether basking in the gentle glow of an eastern sunrise or the warmth of a western sunset, and thriving in all soil types under the nurturing embrace of full sunlight, this rose embodies the essence of timeless beauty and effortless grace in any garden landscape.

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Each plant comes in a #3 (3 gallon) container. The plant shown is an example of what you will receive, all plants are individuals and we strive to pick out the best for you.


Plant Specs:

Color: rich yellow
Light: full sun
Watering: average – evenly moist conditions
Soil: all soil types
Zone: 5-11

Flowering: repeat flowering
Fragrance: strong, tea
Family: English shrub rose

Plant Size: large shrub
Mature Size: height (4.5'), Spread (4.5')
Blooming Season: spring
Breeder: David Austin

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