Rio Greener Cache-Pot Medium (13.5″) – Taupe

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With its great stability, Rio is the ideal cache-pot for your pots and preventing liquid spillage. An interesting range of colors emphasizes its soft, enveloping shape, making this cache-pot a true interior and exterior furnishing accessory.

Cache-pots are part of the double pot system. With the Rio cache-pot acting as the decorative pot, with no drainage holes, that you drop an ugly growers pot into. They make it easy to pop your plant out for watering, preventing water from leaking onto floors or tables, or the need for a pot saucer.

(If necessary, you can poke holes in the bottom of the cache-pot.)

Key Features:
100% recyclable
100% eco-sustainable
temperature resistant

Product Specs:
Size: 13.5″ (comfortably fits up to an 13″ growers pot)
Color: Taupe
Material: 100% recycled plastic

The Greener Story:

Greener is a new line of pots made entirely of recycled plastic, to meet the needs for a cleaner planet and offer nature lovers the opportunity to be truly sustainable.

The virtuous cycle of recycling.

Giving plastic a second life is Euro3plast's commitment to the environment and to all living things. A promise that does not end in a pot but favors the development of a dynamic, circular and potentially-infinite economy.

The love of nature takes shape.

Greener pots consist of a polymeric compound that comes from the most common recyclable plastic materials (especially polypropylene). Euro3plast reworks this compound to create new products that are just as resistant and durable and recyclable.

Plastic has a good and a “greener” soul.

For Euro3plast, being “greener” means giving up producing new plastic to use what is already available to us. Because plastic is one of the most resistant and durable materials in the world and bottles, packaging, bags, stoppers and many other products can become new and useful objects that are beautiful and high-performing.

The culture of recycling is the only base on which the seeds of a better future can grow. Because plastic is worth much more than it seems, and when its life-cycle is respected and exploited for its real potential, it turns from waste into raw material.

For those who are “greener” or who want to be.

Never before have people begun to become aware of the need for a radical change in habits, behavior and everyday actions. The urgency to act is increasingly being shared as is the search for sustainable solutions.

Which is why Greener was born, to promote a greener planet starting from our cities, neighborhoods and homes, and to close the circle of a possible circular economy while respecting environmental criteria.