More Birds Ruby Hummingbird Feeder – 20 OZ

SKU: CBL98-0000003


Falmouth | 12
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Experience the allure of nature with the More Birds Ruby Hummingbird Feeder – 20 OZ. This exquisite feeder boasts a captivating glass bottle and basin design, complemented by a vibrant red color that attracts hummingbirds. The wide-mouth design ensures effortless filling, while the disassemblable base facilitates quick and easy cleaning. With a generous 20 oz. capacity, this feeder provides ample nectar for your feathered friends. The built-in ant moat on top adds a clever touch, and five integrated perches invite hummingbirds to linger. Elevate your garden with the charm of this functional and aesthetically pleasing hummingbird feeder.

Product Specs:
Capacity: 20 oz.
Color: Red plastic/glass bottle