Lilac – Pocahontas – #3 Container
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Lilac – Pocahontas – #3 Container

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Introducing Lilac Pocahontas, a vigorous and striking addition to your landscape. As the harbinger of the lilac blooming season, Pocahontas bursts forth in early May with deep purple buds that unfurl into masses of rich violet flower panicles. These fragrant blooms adorn the landscape throughout May, adding color and staying power to your garden.

With its rich green foliage and upright, multi-stem form, Pocahontas provides great substance for border groupings or as a stunning specimen plant.

Thriving in Zones 3-8, Pocahontas reaches heights of 12-15 feet with a spread of 8-12 feet, making it a standout choice for those seeking a bold and impactful addition to their garden.

Experience the beauty and fragrance of Lilac Pocahontas in your garden. Order now and elevate your landscape with this exceptional shrub.

Each plant comes in a #3 (3 gallon) growers pot. They will ship individually, directly from our grower to your home garden.


Plant Specs:

Botanical Name: Syringa X Hyacinthiflora Pocahontas
Light: full sun
Watering: keep soil evenly moist, no standing water
Soil: no preference
Zone: 3 – 8

Plant Shape: oval
Plant Type: deciduous shrub
Mature Size: height (15'), width (12')
Blooming Season: spring
Pollinator: self-pollinator

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