Fragrant Lily – Big News – 2 Pack

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Introducing Fragrant Lily – Big News – 2 Pack, a delightful addition to any garden with its slender stalks adorned with clusters of large, exotic, and fragrant flowers. These lilies are renowned for their ease of cultivation and their ability to thrive in various light conditions, making them a versatile choice for gardeners of all levels.

Key Features:
– Slender stalks adorned with clusters of large, exotic, and fragrant flowers, adding a touch of elegance and allure to your garden.
– Thrives in moist, well-drained soil under full sun to partial sun, making it suitable for a wide range of garden environments.
– Each pack contains 2 bulbs, allowing you to enhance your garden with the captivating beauty and fragrance of Baferarri lilies.
– Provides a delightful fragrance and serves as a stunning focal point in any garden bed, border, or container.

Additional Information:
Plant Height: Reaches a height of 40-44 inches, adding vertical interest and elegance to your garden landscape.
Bloom Time: Expect a profusion of blooms in the summer months, infusing your outdoor space with color, fragrance, and vitality.
Hardiness Zone: Suitable for hardiness zones 3-9, showcasing adaptability to a wide range of climates and ensuring enduring beauty year after year.

Enhance your outdoor sanctuary with Fragrant Lily – Big News – 2 Pack. Whether planted as standalone specimens or incorporated into mixed borders, these lilies are sure to enchant with their beauty and fragrance, creating a captivating ambiance in your garden.

Planting and Maintenance Tips:

Light Requirements: Flourishes in both full sun and partial sun, providing flexibility in placement within your garden landscape.
Planting Depth: Plant bulbs at a depth of 6 inches to ensure proper root development and stability in the soil.
Bulbs per Square Foot: Space bulbs 3 per square foot to create a lush and vibrant floral display.
– Avoid removing sprouts when planting, as they contribute to the healthy growth and development of the bulbs.