Elephant Ears – White Lava – 1 Pack

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Enhance your garden with the striking beauty of Elephant Ears – White Lava. This captivating variety features lush green leaves adorned with bold white veins, creating a dramatic contrast that adds visual interest to any landscape. Easy to grow and care for, White Lava thrives in partial sun to partial shade, making it an ideal choice for adding texture and dimension to shaded areas of your garden.

Key Features:
– Striking white veins stand out against lush green foliage, adding a dramatic touch to any landscape.
– Thrives in partial sun to partial shade, offering versatility in placement within your garden.
– Ideal for both garden beds and containers, providing flexibility in landscaping options.

Additional Information:
Plant Height: Reaches a height of 36-48 inches, providing vertical interest and structure to your garden.
Bloom Time: Valued primarily for its foliage, Elephant Ears – White Lava – 1 Pack is a foliage plant all season long, enhancing your outdoor space with its lush greenery.
Hardiness Zone: Hardy in zones 7-11, ensuring resilience and longevity in a range of climates.

Elevate your garden with the bold and captivating beauty of Elephant Ears – White Lava. With its striking foliage and easy-care nature, White Lava adds a touch of tropical elegance and sophistication to any garden or landscape design.

Planting and Maintenance Tips:

Light Requirements: Flourishes in partial sun to partial shade, offering flexibility in placement.
Planting Depth: Plant bulbs at a depth of 1 inch for optimal growth and establishment.
Bulbs per Square Foot: Space bulbs 1 per square foot to allow for proper development and spread.
– When planting, dig a hole slightly deeper than the bulb itself and place it blunt side down. Space multiple bulbs at least 2 feet apart for adequate room to grow.
– Requires no fertilizer, making it a low-maintenance option for gardeners.
– Excellent for container gardening, allowing for easy lifting in northern climates where protection from winter frost may be necessary.