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EcoBorder Rubber Edging – Brown – 4 ft

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Create clean and defined borders for your flower beds with EcoBorder Rubber Edging. This no-dig, ground-mount product is designed for easy installation, allowing you to prep the ground, place, connect, and stake it effortlessly. Each 4-foot section of rubber edging can flex up to 70 degrees, providing flexibility and versatility for your garden designs.

Key Features:
– No-Dig Installation: Say goodbye to tedious digging with EcoBorder Rubber Edging. Simply prep the ground, place the sections, connect them together, and stake them down for a secure hold.
– Flexible Design: Each 4-foot section of rubber edging can flex up to 70 degrees, allowing you to create curved or straight borders with ease.
– Environmentally Friendly: Manufactured utilizing scrap rubber tires, EcoBorder Rubber Edging helps reduce waste by repurposing materials in a sustainable manner.
– Mulch Containment: This edging helps contain mulch in your flower beds, preventing it from spilling onto pathways or lawns and allowing for more creative garden designs.
– Brown Color: The brown color blends seamlessly with natural landscapes, providing a subtle and attractive border for your flower beds.

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your garden with EcoBorder Rubber Edging. Its easy installation, flexible design, and environmentally friendly construction make it an ideal choice for creating clean and durable borders for your flower beds.

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