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Bird Lover’s Choice Bird Feeder – 9LB

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Presenting the Bird Lover's Choice Bird Feeder – 9LB, the ultimate choice for bird enthusiasts seeking a squirrel-proof and efficient feeding solution. This feeder can accommodate over 9 lb. of seed, ensuring a generous supply for your feathered friends.

Equipped with adjustable weight settings, the Bird Lover's Choice feeder empowers you to decide which birds are welcome. The seed saver baffle eliminates wasted seed, maintaining a clean feeding environment. The seed level indicator window allows for easy monitoring and timely refills.

Crafted from durable powder-coated steel, with a heavy-duty weather-resistant zinc-coated steel hanger. Comes with a universal pole/post mounting bracket (poles not included). This feeder is built to withstand the elements while providing a long-lasting bird-watching experience.

In a calming green color, the Bird Lover's Choice Bird Feeder combines functionality with style, making it an attractive and efficient addition to your outdoor space. Embrace hassle-free bird feeding with this squirrel-proof, 9 lb. capacity feeder.

Product Specs:
Seed Capacity: 9 lb.
Color: Green