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Wild Delight Fruit N’ Berry Wild Bird Food – 5lb

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Treat your winged companions to a feast they'll sing about with Wild Delight's Fruit N' Berry Wild Bird Food. This 5 lb. bag is a symphony of flavors! Blending recognizable ingredients like sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, peanuts, dried apples, cherries, cranberries, juniper berries, and more.

Five-Fruit Blend and Premium Seeds. Elevate your bird feeding game with our carefully crafted blend, featuring a harmonious fusion of five delectable fruits and premium seeds. It's a gourmet experience for your feathered friends.

Millet, Milo, and Corn-Free. Our formula is 100% free of millet, milo, and corn, ensuring that your birds enjoy a nutritionally balanced and wholesome meal without unnecessary fillers.

Nutritionally Sound. Infused with added vitamins and electrolytes, this bird food goes beyond just filling bellies. It supports the overall health of songbirds, cardinals, grosbeaks, finches, jays, thrushes, buntings, and other outdoor pets.

Irresistible Variety. Watch a parade of colorful visitors as this delightful mix attracts a wide array of birds, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Taste and Variety Birds Love. Satisfy their cravings with the taste and variety that birds adore. Wild Delight's Fruit N' Berry Wild Bird Food is a sensory delight for your feathered garden companions.

Create a bird haven in your backyard – order your 5 lb. bag today and let the symphony of bird songs begin!