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Viola – Penny White – 306 Pack

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Brighton | 8
Chelmsford | 3
Tewksbury | 2
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Welcome the perpetual charm of our Viola Penny White into your garden sanctuary. Grown locally in our Woburn Greenhouses, these violas boast an abundance of delicate flowers that grace the landscape with their enduring beauty throughout the seasons.

Petite yet resilient, our Viola Penny White plants are both heat and cold tolerant, ensuring a continuous display of floral splendor regardless of the weather conditions. Their profusion of blooms adds a touch of enchantment to any outdoor space, creating an inviting haven for pollinators and admirers alike.

Plant these delightful violas in a sunny or partially sunny location, spacing them 4-6″ apart for optimal growth. With regular watering and fertilization, expect these charming plants to reach a modest height of 4-6″, maintaining their allure with minimal maintenance.

Enhance your garden with the enduring elegance of Viola Penny White, cultivated with care and dedication in our local greenhouses. Embrace the beauty of nature's wonders and revel in the continuous blossoming of these enchanting floral companions.

How to Grow:
Exposure: Full Sun/Part Sun
Watering: Regular
Mature Size: 4-6″ tall