Suet Plus Cake – Meal Worms & Nuts Blend

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Winchester | 6
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Elevate birdwatching with the Suet Plus Cake in a delectable Mealworms & Nuts Blend. Packaged in a candy bar wrapper for bold graphics and easy-open, no-mess handling, this suet cake adds both style and convenience to your backyard bird offerings. The eco-friendly packaging, 100% recyclable, speaks to our commitment to a sustainable environment. Crafted with high-quality ingredients in a melt-resistant formulation, this suet cake ensures year-round use. Flavored with millet, peanuts, and dried mealworms that birds love, each 11 oz. Suet Plus Cake is a premium treat, combining visual appeal, eco-consciousness, and irresistible flavors for your feathered friends.

1 Cake
Size: 11 oz.