Suet Plug – Insects & Nuts Blend – 4 Pack

SKU: WLD98-0000035


Winchester | 7
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Delight your backyard birds with our Suet Plug Insects & Nuts Blend 4 Pack. These tube-shaped, high-quality formulations are designed for easy insertion into holes drilled in wooden Suet Plug Feeders, providing an enticing treat for your feathered visitors. Flavored with cracked corn, insects, and extra nuts, each 11 oz. plug offers a delectable and protein-rich feast that will keep birds flocking to your outdoor space. Elevate your birdwatching experience with the convenience and premium taste of our Suet Plug Insects & Nuts Blend 4 Pack, ensuring a delightful dining adventure for your avian friends.

Size: 11 oz.