Pansy Combo Mix
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Pansy – Combo Mix – 12″ Bowl


Brighton | 4
Chelmsford | 40
Concord | 5
Falmouth | 9
Osterville | 16
Tewksbury | 7
Winchester | 6
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Elevate your outdoor oasis with our captivating Pansy Combo Mix, carefully curated in a 12″ bowl. This delightful blend features a harmonious medley of Pansies, Alyssum, and Osteospermum, all locally grown in our Woburn Greenhouses.

Experience the burst of colors and fragrances as these blooms come together to create a stunning visual display and enchanting aroma. Perfect for containers or garden beds, this mix adds a touch of vibrancy to any space.

With cool wave blueberry Pansies, clear crystal purple shades Alyssum, and Alika white purple eye Osteospermum, this blend offers abundant flowers and varying heights for added texture and dimension. Plant in sun or part sun, and watch as your garden comes to life with this vibrant ensemble.

Transform your outdoor retreat with the Pansy Combo Mix, a testament to local beauty and botanical excellence. Let nature's palette inspire your gardening journey and indulge in the splendor of these captivating blooms.

Plant Specs:
Exposure: Full Sun/Part Sun
Watering: Regular
Mature Size: (Pansy)6-8″ tall, (Alyssum)6-10″ tall, (Osteospermum)16-20″ tall