Mixed Treat Window Feeder

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Concord | 3
Falmouth | 3
Tewksbury | 3
Winchester | 4
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Introducing the Mixed Treat Window Feeder – a versatile and delightful addition to your bird-watching experience. This window feeder is designed to attract a variety of birds, sticking securely to glass surfaces and offering a feast of oranges, seed, and jelly.

Measuring at a compact 7.5″ H x 7.375″ W x 3.375″ D, this feeder is easy to install and relocate, bringing the beauty of nature right to your window. The mixed treat options make it an irresistible destination for a diverse array of birds.

With a capacity that varies based on the treats you choose, this feeder ensures a constant supply for your feathered friends. Easy to fill and clean, the Mixed Treat Window Feeder combines convenience with the joy of bird watching, creating a delightful oasis for birds right outside your window.

Product Specs:
Seed Capacity: Varies
Size: 7.5″ H x 7.375″ W x 3.375″ D
Size: 7.5″