LA Hybrid Lily – Palena – 2 Pack

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Introducing LA Hybrid Lily – Palena – 2 Pack, a stunning addition to any garden with its slender stalks crowned by clusters of exquisite flowers. Known for their ease of cultivation, these lilies thrive in various light conditions, making them a perfect choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Key Features:
– Slender stalks adorned with clusters of charming flowers, adding elegance and beauty to any garden space.
– Flourishes in moist, well-drained soil under full sun to partial sun, providing versatility in placement within your garden landscape.
– Each pack includes 2 bulbs, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your garden with the allure of LA Hybrid Lily – Palena.
– Provides a captivating floral display and serves as a focal point in garden beds, borders, or containers.

Additional Information:
Plant Height: Reaches a height of 36-44 inches, adding vertical interest and elegance to your garden setting.
Bloom Time: Expect beautiful blooms in early summer, gracing your outdoor space with their charming presence.
Hardiness Zone: Suitable for hardiness zones 3-9, demonstrating adaptability to various climates and ensuring enduring beauty season after season.

Transform your garden into a captivating oasis with LA Hybrid Lily – Palena – 2 Pack. Whether planted as standalone features or incorporated into mixed borders, these lilies are sure to enchant with their simple yet captivating beauty, creating a delightful atmosphere in your outdoor sanctuary.

Planting and Maintenance Tips:

Light Requirements: Thrives in both full sun and partial sun, offering flexibility in garden placement.
Planting Depth: Plant bulbs at a depth of 6 inches for optimal growth and development.
Bulbs per Square Foot: Space bulbs 3 per square foot to create a lush and vibrant floral presentation.
– Avoid removing sprouts when planting, as they contribute to the bulb's growth and vigor.°.lL´