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Beer Trivia Puzzle

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Introducing “The Beer Trivia Puzzle” – the perfect gift for the beer enthusiasts in your life! This awesome jigsaw puzzle is not just a fun challenge with its 1000 pieces, but it's also a fascinating journey into the world of hops and brews.

Get ready to piece together a masterpiece while discovering 20 interesting beer factoids. Each piece brings you closer to completing the puzzle and unlocking a new piece of beer knowledge. It's like a tasty brain teaser for hopheads of all kinds!

Once you've conquered the challenge, you'll have a unique work of art that's ready for framing. Showcase your puzzle prowess and beer passion on your wall for everyone to admire.

Whether you're a puzzle pro or just starting out, “The Beer Trivia Puzzle” offers hours of entertainment and a chance to become a true beer connoisseur. Cheers to good times, great puzzles, and even better brews!

Product Specs:

Completed puzzle is 20″ W x 30″ H. 1000 pieces. 12″ H x 6″ W Giftable decorative tub.