Three Labs Tea Towel

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Presenting the Three Labs Tea Towel, a great addition to kitchen decor. This great tea towel has three beloved labrador retrievers in yellow, black, and chocolate coats. This towel adds character and charm to any living space.

Crafted from premium, highly absorbent fabric. The kitchen towel is expertly designed to handle a variety of kitchen tasks with ease. Whether for drying dishes, cleaning up spills, or adorning your kitchen with its visual appeal, this tea towel is amazing!

The three labradors, each distinguished by their unique coat colors, are artfully portrayed, making this tea towel an ideal gift for dog lovers and a stylish accent to elevate your kitchen.

Engineered for durability and resilience, the three labs tea towel is equally suited for everyday use and special occasions. Its generous size offers ample coverage, and the gentle fabric is considerate of your hands and delicate items.

Embrace your love for labrador retrievers with the kitchen towel, a blend of functionality and elegance. This versatile accessory imparts a distinct personality to your kitchen. This towel caters to labrador lovers and those seeking a touch of character in their living space.

Elevate your kitchen with the three labs tea towel – a beautiful marriage of charm and practicality, making your daily routines happier. Incorporate the three labs tea towel into your home, adding to your kitchen the affectionate presence of these cherished labrador companions.

Product Specs

  • 100% Cotton
  • Lint Free
  • Washer & Dryer Machine Safe

Designs by Tina Labadini